Patient, Patient – Of Illusions and the Way to Find


Track List

1. Endless Width
2. Home
3. Cover Up the Blur (Cursed)
4. Better Place
5. Redemption
6. Somewhere
7. If You Knew
8. Dark Screen
9. Filled and Crushed with All I Found

Patient, Patient - Of Illusions and the Way to Find

Patient, Patient is a post-rock band based in a small town in Germany. With their evolution from indie-rock to post-rock Patient, Patient finally finished their first album “Of Illusions and the Way to Find”. Influenced by various post-rock and shoegaze artists they design an enormous soundscape out of synthesizers and modulated guitars. Those, mixed with possessive vocals and heavy drums create a very unique, melancholic atmosphere.

“Of Illusions and the Way to Find” is about the urge to find something in life. However, we often make our way more complicated than it is. We lend ourselves to illusions which disguise our sight, which veil the truth, which knock us off course. This is what Patient, Patient manifest in their album with poetic lyrics and uncommon harmonies. Also Markus Siegenhort of Lantlôs who produced the album gave some inspirations to create an even wider sound. Anyway, those nine very distinct tracks invite to dream. To dream about endless widths.

Release Date:  October 2, 2015
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