Mathew Roth – Immersion


Track List

1. Tea House
2. Seeds
3. Wanderer’s Descent
4. The Fall of Ash & Embers
5. Unsaid
6. Tiger Lilly
7. Rusted Wings Take Flight
8. Slow Loss
9. Body Of Leaves

Mathew Roth - Immersion

Mathew Roth’s debut album, Immersion, is an introspective journey into the more subtle rhythms of the Earth and the human experience. Written and recorded in “The Tea House”, as he fondly refers to the 10x10 hut where he resided in Virginia for the year that this album took to produce, Immersion incorporates many nuances and “imperfections” that add to the ambience of the experience, such as footsteps, sliding piano keys, a crackling fire, and bird calls. Mathew refers to the production of this album as “a way for me to bring what was hidden into the light.”

Immersion is Mathew’s first endeavour into the world of modern classical music, and his first serious pursuit of album production as well. For him, the experience of doing all the production work himself was “terribly important. If I had sent the music off to be recorded/mixed/mastered by a professional (which I was tempted to do many times), it would have come back to me in a different language, and the intimacy would have been lost.”

“Every song on this album is about a very profound and particular experience for me. My writing process involved taking a freeze frame of a memory or emotion, and taking a magnifying glass to that very specific moment, and expanding it into music.”

Release Date: December 05, 2015
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