HeklAa – Songs in F


Track List

1. thousAnds of comets Are fAlling down on eArth
2. bAck to JokulsArlon
3. oceAns
4. being steindor Andersen

HeklAa - Songs in F

HeklAa is a post-rock solo project of the French composer Sébastien Touraton from France.

"All the memories and feelings that I gathered during my two trips in the breathtaking Iceland became my musical raw material for this EP. “Songs in F” tells how Iceland has become my home, my mental refuge. " says heklAa.

Iceland is made of mountains, lakes, volcanos, of green and dark oceans. This is where the world was born and where it will die when thousands of comets will fall down on earth. The last tune that will remain will be the deep voice of steindor Andersen. But before that, he will go back to jokulsarlon and live there for the rest of his life.

Songs in F is the album where you can find his inner landscapes. Besides the scenery, post-rock, first of all through the brilliant – and of course Icelandic- band “Sigur Ros”, as well as movie music and new classical artists impacted a lot on the composing and shaping of the four tracks. The EP fluctuates between warm and cold, shadow and light, serenity and threat, just like the island.

Release Date:  December 12, 2015
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