Dessin Bizarre – Air Frais


Track List

1. Eidfjord
2. Air Frais
3. Pressure
4. Flow

Dessin Bizarre - Air Frais

Dessin Bizarre is a musical project of a Russian composer Ivan Krasnov. His musical ship travels in the calming waters of ambient and his feeds and makes it more beautiful with the influences coming from post-rock. Ivan is a self-taught musician. His music is based on a lighter feel accompanied by simplicity combined with different acoustic techniques and sound-processing during sound recording.

Drifting through the crystal air with the ambient music of the "Air Frais" album you will go deep down to the inner man. You will flow with the swell gravity waves of atmospheric sound and possibly find at the end of journey answers you always wanted to know. The true art of relaxation joy and meditation.

He created "Eidfjord" under the impression after a trip to Norway, with its cold, penetrating enveloping fogs, flowing sparkling waterfalls and mossy Atlantean mountains. Immediately, place Eidfjord, opened for him the whole palette of beauty, serenity and unity with nature.

"In all the compositions I used natural noises and sounds from these places: the water, the creaking of the wooden bridge pier, silent play of the polar night." says Ivan.

As an extension, the purity and depth reflected in the "Air Frais" and the gray shroud of brooding cliffs in pressure, when the sky and water merge into one gray gradient. And at the end - the flow track reflecting the net surface of the water.

Release Date: April 08, 2016
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