Inner Trip – Moments Of No Time


Track List

1. The Art Of Universe
2. I Was There Like a Butterfly
3. Night And Trees
4. Sounds Of Nature
5. Visions Come To Us
6. Demoiselle's Tea Party
7. Walking Across The Colors

Inner Trip - Moments Of No Time

Inner Trip from Iran comes with his third album, the musical solo project of Saman N (born 1984, graphic artist and musician).The third album of Inner Trip project “Moments of No Time” is a continue on a journey which was started with debut album “Somewhere Near the Pulse” and released by “Fluttery Records” either few years ago.

This album contains seven tracks with seven different atmospheres but under the same genre of electronic music and mostly with down tempo cinematic elements. The title of each song is related to the scene that “Saman N” had in his mind during his musical journey while he was recording the tracks.

One thing that Saman N tries to achieve is making some kind of music to create imaginary images for audiences. That’s why his music floats over different genres from Soundtrack to Trip Hop. He believes making music is like painting maybe you chose just one or two colors for your entire canvass or maybe you decide to use all the colors in your palette for a scene. The most important thing is how art looks like at the end and the way it exposes your inner word. Individuality could be the identity of any type of art.

With “Moments of No Time” once again he has followed his inner voices to depict a new scene raised of the individuality of the artist.

Release Date: May 08, 2017
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