We Deserve This – Floating Colors


Track List

1. Black
2. White
3. Red
4. Blue
5. Yellow
6. Green

We Deserve This - Floating Colors

"Floating Colors" is the third album from Germany`s We Deserve This for Fluttery Records. Jan-Dirk Platek`s output is overwhelming and there`s no way to stop him. He once said: "I`m addicted to music and the creative process in writing and recording new music. I just can`t stop because my mind is full of new ideas." His new album "Floating Colors“ is about Synesthesia.

Synesthesia is a perceptual condition of mixed sensations: a stimulus in one sensory modality (e.g., hearing) involuntarily elicits a sensation/experience in another modality (e.g. vision). Likewise, perception of a form (e.g., a letter) may induce an unusual perception in the same modality (e.g. a color).

Can you imagine seeing colors when hearing music? Do you ever wanted to know what color your favorite song is? "Floating Colors" has 6 songs, all named after a certain color. Jan described his new album as an experience in both songwriting and recording process. It`s like the missing link between "Pacific" and "Fusion", ambient music dominated heavier sounds.

Before the recording Jan bought an analog Novation Bass Station 2 and you can hear this synth in every song. "I wanted to explore new ways to expand the sound of We Deserve This and the mission is accomplished." says Jan. The record sounds like an innovative instrumental record from the future with wonderful piano lines, heavy guitars and some kind of strange sounds.

"I need to go forward and everyone`s lifetime is limited, I don`t want to stuck in the past - the future is wide open" Jan says regarding Floating Colors. This album is something special with all these melancholy that comes out of these songs. If you`re able to expand your horizon then you really have to check this out. It´s like the beauty in colors/sound. To dig all the little details in the sound headphones are highly recommended.

Release Date:  May 20, 2016
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