Ana Never – Long Turning


Track List

1. Tomorrow Is The Livelong Day 1
2. Long Turning
3. I Saw You Today
4. Martha
5. Tomorrow Is The Livelong Day 2

Ana Never - Long Turning

Music is one of the greatest lullabies of the soul. Not just any music, great music. Which is going to bring post-rock lovers to the album, Long Turning, by Ana Never.

Long Turning is a work of art. It is not just about the tracks, but the feelings and memories this album emanates. It produces a certain ambience resembling a palliative atmosphere of love and passion. Though only having five songs in the album, the band still reassured its fans of the best forty three minutes of the best kept secrets in post-rock genre. Their first track, named “Tomorrow is the Livelong Day” is a six minute piece creates a relaxation mood as the near silent guitars are joined by the drum’s kicks and snares which slowly build up as the track continues. This track gives the album’s ambient nature as the snares slowly bring the track to a finish. It is surely enjoyable when in a relaxed nature.

The second track in the album, is very captivating such that Ana Never decided to make it the title of the album. “Long Turning”, composed by Goran Grubišić, the main drummer of the band is a ten minute track which enchants the listener right from the beginning with the bass starting out with the guitar to create that post­rock feeling. The slow beats of the snares give out its tempo and harmonizes with the guitar then all the other instruments join in very nicely to the end. One can tell that this song is really special after listening to it the first time. The third track brings back the ambience and relaxation mood as violin and piano harmonize to a soothing tune. Named by the band as “I Saw You Today”, this five minute track starts off with a slow tempo which carries on to the end, and drifts off the listener into peaceful thoughts and it also gives the ambience nature of the album.

The fourth track, “Martha” is the longest track of the album, about seventeen and a half minutes long. At the start, the guitar alone is experienced, creating a gentle tempo then later joined by the piano and others. It continues the album’s ambient nature. Upon listening to this track, one can see that it has its special moments especially towards the end when the tempo comes to a rising innuendo. The last track named “Tomorrow is the Livelong Day 2” is merely a partner to the first track of the album, only more emotional. This four and a half minute track slightly differentiates from the first track of the album mainly because of its beats and tempo. The kicks and snares give it a rather fun­edge and a faster tempo. It is surely an excellent way to finish off the album with.

Ana Never has never disappointed its fans. “Long Turning” which comes after band’s critically acclaimed 2012 album “Small Years”, gets Ana Never’s music land on new surfaces to give new tastes.

Release Date:  May 26, 2016
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