Summer Effect – Afterlife


Track List

1. Quiet Company
2. Envoy
3. Until The Sun Goes Down
4. Beating Heart
5. Clouded Minds
6. Fickle Love
7. Everything Seems Different
8. There's Nothing Wrong With Who You Are
9. Don't Let Me Disappear
10. Afterlife

Summer Effect - Afterlife

Summer Effect is a post-rock band from Indonesia which was formed in early 2012. Ibo (drums, keys) is the founder. At the end of 2011, he met Aroel (guitar, keys), and since then they have been playing as an instrumental band which blends shoegaze, ambient and post-rock.

The band started as a wish to create new atmosphere; reflecting their tastes in music and other forms of art. They create their compositions with simple chord progression bars, wrapped with a pounding drum beats, harmonized guitar tones, a bit of distortion. Then the songs get slowly begin to evolve to shoegaze, ambient and post-rock to produce certain vibrations of atmosphere.

Afterlife is the third album from Summer Effect which contains 10 instrumental post-rock, progressive songs. In this album they tried to play tones with fractional composition of different time signatures. Simple and unexpected chord progression was created to produce a unique dynamic, stomping, dark vibe, like what is being experienced on the track Envoy, Clouded Minds or Don’t Let Me Disappear. They are assisted by a musician named 'Erdi David' (Dwaninungka), which fills the bass on the song Beating Heart & Everything Seems Different. Also, the drums sounds warmer than their previous albums.

Summer Effect comes with their third record, inviting people who like shoegaze, ambient and post-rock to produce certain vibrations of atmosphere to listen "After Life".

Release Date:  June 02, 2016
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