Oh Hiroshima – In Silence We Yearn


Track List

1. Ellipse
2. Mirage
3. Ruach
4. Holding Rivers
5. Aria
6. Drones

Oh Hiroshima - In Silence We Yearn

With the release of In 'In Silence We Yearn' Oh Hiroshima have shown they are capable of upholding a continuous forward motion when it comes to song writing, as well as overall sound crafting. With an even greater focus on creating a unifying experience that hold the songs together, while still maintaining the ever present suggestive and adventurous element that has always distinguished the band, the record takes Oh Hiroshimas earlier strengths to new levels. The melodies and sounds turn from gentleness to raw intensity through sweeping narrative sections, backed up by a driven rhythm section and soaring vocals; the latter taking a bigger role on this release than on previous recordings.

Altogether, the music on 'In Silence We Yearn' appear to circle around a primary theme or essence, while at the same time letting each song find its own way into the collection. The lyrics mirrors this ideal, centring around the longing for eschatological hope in the socio-political turbulence of contemporary society. As a whole, the albums blend of restrained stillness and expressive outpourings seem to create the perfect soundtrack for emotive reflection and introspective exploration.

Release Date:  July 01, 2016
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