Mathew Roth – The Vulture & The Sparrow


Track List

1. An Overture Of Ice
2. Patterns Of Decay
3. Looking Glass
4. Insistent On The Rain
5. Those Who Sank
6. Bones We Clung To
7. Endless Horizons
8. Awakened By Frost
9. Hollow Seeds
10. Emergence
11. The Vulture & The Sparrow
12. Notwithstanding

Mathew Roth - The Vulture & The Sparrow

Fluttery Records present Mathew Roth's breathtaking modern classical work. With the cadence and candour of a cinematic score, The Vulture & the Sparrow is a musical journey through the darkness and back out to the light. Interwoven amongst the tracks is a very haunting and percussive piano, transcendent violin, and a cello saturated in earthiness which come together to create an experience that is both ethereal and grounding. Carefully chosen and interspersed synthesizers add an additional element that is unique to this album.

“This album is similar to “Immersion” in that both are microcosmic interpretations of something, this album is just a different object of interpretation; the very well known, very human, and very despairing internal struggle of the dark against the light.”

The title of this album is very applicable to the feeling of the music. The instruments play off each other in a fashion similar to a duet, most notably in the title track. There is a constant theme of a dance between them, one proposing an idea and then another offering a new perspective.

“The Vulture is one person, and the sparrow is another, and yet of course they are both the same. They are always the same, and they create each other. The reason I chose the vulture as a theme is because I believe that these birds are misunderstood, as is much of what is dark, including aspects of ourselves.”

Release Date:  September 08, 2016
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