417.3 – 34


Track List

1. 15
2. 92
3. 581 (feat. Henry Teil)
4. 501
5. 52

417.3 - 34

The band 417.3 from Russia was formed in 2006 and since that time has been playing post-rock / instrumental, using only digits and symbols in the names of the songs.

The album “34” is the third album of the band 417.3. It cardinally differs from the previous two albums as it is intense, dynamic and infusive. The transition from post-rock / post-metal to rhythmical themes surrounded by ambient atmospheric sounds will make your thoughts gallop like wild horses.

Upon listening to the first track entitled "15", one is thrust in to wild post-rock thoughts that not only relax but also entertain. The whole set of tracks in the album are undoubtedly rhythmic and captivating, and will definitely get in touch with your inner music.

Release Date:  September 29, 2016
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