Diamond Gloss – Primavera


Track List

1. Royal
2. Movement
3. Primavera
4. Movement II
5. Harp
6. Movement III
7. Breakers

Diamond Gloss - Primavera

Portugal's ambient music genius is here again. Primavera is the third album by Diamond Gloss. The album differs from the previous releases. The sound is more organic, the piano is definitely the main instrument. Primavera is the logical step forward from 2014’s Nomawkish, details and string arrangements were carefully written and recorded. For the first time in a Diamond Gloss album, a second musician appears on this new release. A long time friend of Gonçalo Pereira, the violinist player Maria do Mar, accepted the invitation and helped Pereira on strings arrangements. The photography and artwork design has been made by his long time collaborator, Paulo Romão Brás.

Gonçalo Pereira (born 1984. Lisbon, Portugal) is a multi-instrument player, post-rock, ambient electronica musician and producer. Pereira first started as the frontman of the post-rock band “How Comes The Constellations Shine” before establishing himself as a solo artist under the moniker of Diamond Gloss.

Release Date: October 17, 2016
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