Vinc2 – By The Third Sea


Track List

1. Chanson De Soie
2. So Long
3. Fantasia
4. Waiting For My Number Come
5. Ballad In Em
6. Solitudes
7. Between C And Y
8. After Her Call
9. Experience
10. Loneliness Has No End
11. New Moon

Vinc2 - By The Third Sea

Living in The French Alps, French ambient artist has created music that aims to take you among the mountains of his soul. All pieces we all made between 2007 and 2008. What might have caused this significant delay of the album’s release?

“The album was born in special conditions. Certain events forced me to consider this album as if it was the last, so more than ever, I put my whole soul into it. Also the songs were not finalised over night. I was able to give my ideas better shape as I was gradually acquiring real professional equipment for my home studio. It is one thing to acquire equipment and another thing to use it. It took me some time to explore the possibilities of my new “plaything”.

"By The Third Sea" was originally to be minimalist but the instrument tracks have gradually accumulated. In the end, the album has a very dense production and looks like a sea of sounds, it feels like a slow boat rocked by the waves in the middle of a starry ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes unbridled. The near absence of rhythm was intended to strengthen the feeling of floating.

What is the “Third Sea” from the name of the album? Vinc2 does not want to bias his listeners with pictures that lead to its creation. He wants them to create their own opinion. However, the album cover gives a very accurate representation of the Universe he intended to create for those who want at least a small peek into his wonderful imagination.

If you are ready to get lost in a sea of feeling, you can weigh anchor and let the boat of your thoughts leave the firm ground.

This album is a piece of life. We hope those of you who immerge into it will feel very good.

Release Date:  November 17, 2016
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