Glasgow Coma Scale – Enter Oblivion


Track List

1. Sonda
2. Southern Crosses
3. Northern Wastes
4. Venice Calling
5. Ghost Not Found
6. Silent Bird
7. Birthland

Glasgow Coma Scale - Enter Oblivion

Following their debut EP “Apophenia”, Glasgow Coma Scale's first full-length album “Enter Oblivion” took the band quite a long time to put all the pieces together and finally got recorded. It contains both new and old compositions. For instance- the last track on the record, called Birthland is the first song ever written, while the opener Sonda is the band’s latest creation.

Why Enter Oblivion? Have you ever heard of people having their best ideas, just before they fall asleep? This is how lots of ideas on this record were born. Mostly, it was the question of catching the idea by singing it into for example a voice recorder or a mobile before entering the oblivion.

So, in case of Glasgow Coma Scale, this very moment is crucial if it comes to generating ideas. You catch it and transfer it later into your songs, or you did not manage to stay awake and lose it. It is that simple. The song Southern Crosses was written in a rehearsal room in the German capital Berlin while the band was touring. The special thing about the rehearsal room was its location – that was in the midst of an old cemetery. Surrounded by crosses on the one hand side and being close to a railway station called “Südkreuz” (South Cross) on the other hand, finding the song title was an easy decision.

Release Date: December 12, 2016
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