Dan Caine – Transitions


Track List

1. Peripeteia
2. Transitions
3. Aka’Aka (feat. Hailey Rose)
4. Lifeforms
5. A New Chapter
6. Journeys
7. Wolf's Moon (feat. Hailey Rose)

Dan Caine - Transitions

The sixth solo album from the prolific ambient music / post-rock guitarist, Dan Caine, Transitions is an exploration of progressive melodies and beautiful chords layered over down tempo, yet energizing beats. The sense of mounting joy and positivity in this introspective piece is subtle, but impossible to ignore. The album is a journey through one man’s emotional evolution, from one phase of life to another, and each of the seven tracks is a uniquely expressed facet of that process.

The premiere track, Peripeteia, propels the album right out of the starting gate with a tidal wave of passionate guitar riffs and a marching, tribal beat. It is the anthem of a revolution, the acknowledgement of a need for change. In short, the journey has begun.

As the journey through the forests of human psyche continues with the title track, Transitions, we hear an unmistakable farewell to older thoughts and patterns as more familiar guitar styling from previous albums are incorporated into a new movement.

The first burst of unbridled joy is discovered in the piece, Aka’aka (or, “Laughter”) (Track Three). The blithe Hawaiian chorus (performed by featured artist Hailey Rose) gives a sense of bright sunlight and a relaxed, friendly sense of welcome into a new stage of life.

In track four, Lifeforms, an impassioned and distorted guitar riffs over delicate ethereal layers, almost as if to hear the isolated cries of a soul in search of answers to remaining questions. There is an un-ignorable sensuality and romance involved in this track as well; the painful aspects of discovering love and connection are masterfully represented.

A New Chapter (Track Five) is the pinnacle of blissful peace on this album. It emits joy with an energized beat and ethereal, tinkling guitar picking.

Journeys (Track Six) is the perfect follow up to the previous movement, a warmer and slightly calmer feeling, expressed with more lingering layers that wash over the listener accompanied by a simple, clean beat. Contentment and companionship represented by layers of calm, dulcet tones. A beautiful sunset to the perfect day that was A New Chapter. The final track, Wolf’s Moon, features the beautiful harmonized vocals of Hailey Rose, and gives a sense of the peaceful night. A perfect closing of an emotional journey to a stronger, wiser, and happier place.

Release Date:  10 March 2017
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