Fading Tapes – Music From Attic


Track List

1. Stars
2. Lighthouse
3. Surface
4. You May Finally Fall Asleep
5. Lamplighter

Fading Tapes - Music From Attic

This is the debut album of the Polish band Fading Tapes, which was formed by the guitarist (Krzysztof Siwkowski) and the drummer (Marcin Lasek), which connected the same journey of melancholic, sublime and subtle sounds, with some story that can be compared to Stars of the Lid or Surface of Eceon, but also slightly heavier, like Godspeed You! Black Emperor. They like to go beyond well-known sounds and experiments with them, stayed at the clearly melodic sound at the same time.

Album was made in attic, late summer. In silent, lonesome space that was ready to cooperate with the band that allowed to create this spatial atmosphere. They find there a new instrument, some kind of trumpet that was used as a thready, tearful voice. "Music From Attic" have long, dreaming guitar compositions decorated with the silenced or sharpened sounds of percussion. Every song is a story expressed instrumental lyricism. A story that was mostly improvised. It means that there was no any plan, no arrangement, only experiences of everyday life and sounds that moved artists to specific, imaginary places, when they could create the stories. As they themselves admit, each song has its own story that can be received in various ways every time.

Release Date: May 11, 2017
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