Deer Park Ranger – Moderation


Track List

1. Shipwreck
2. Another World, Another Time
3. Old City
4. Time and Distance
5. Passenger
6. Selling All the Shelves

Deer Park Ranger - Moderation

Deer Park Ranger is a post-rock & ambient solo project of Trevor Humphrey from Oakland, California. After introducing his brand of post-rock with his debut EP, Trevor Humphrey has followed up with a dynamic and powerful collection of post-rock songs for his second Deer Park Ranger release. From the opening discord of “Shipwreck” to the finality of French horns fading out on “Selling All the Shelves”, Moderation is profoundly emotional and deeply affecting.

While the core elements of the Deer Park Ranger sound remain intact, Moderation showcases a greater sonic range and explores new sounds. The Rhodes piano is featured prominently, but often through heavy distortion, delay, or modulation. Humphrey continues to approach song writing and composition by layering sounds and building dense soundscapes full of rich textures. Melodies interact across layers of guitar and piano that create movement and evoke emotions ranging from melancholy to triumph.

Release Date: August 18, 2017
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