Fading Tapes – Circles


Track List

1. First Circle
2. Second Circle
3. Third Circle
4. Fourth Circle
5. Fifth Circle

Fading Tapes - Circles

Fading Tapes was formed in 2014 by Krzysztof Siwkowski (guitars and synths) and Marcin Lasek (drums and other effects) in Szczytno, Poland, mainly playing space-rock / post-rock and ambient music. Their main inspirations are independent cinema and life itself.

They started their musical journey in 2006 long before they became Fading Tapes. In the beginning they focused on genres like ambient and electronic. They pivoted their sound and started to play live instruments such as classic guitars and african drums, combined with synthesizers and extraordinary sounds and voices. They decided to change main instruments to only electric guitars, which creates today their specific spatial sounds and effects, and percussion which gives sharpness, psychedelic or gentle space rhythm. Since then they formed as a Fading Tapes.

Circles is their second album for Fluttery Records. It is an album heavily relies on artistic creativity and improvisation. “In the beginning there was one circle, the life cycle from which the five minor were made, of which the fifth was the crown, the dark end.” says the band members.

Almost everything was recorded on tape reels, so we got strong saturated, analog sounds. This album has more dynamic songs with sharp and heavy percussion and deep, organic guitar background.

Release Date: October 20, 2017
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