We Deserve This – Tearing


Track List

1. Zauber
2. Tearing
3. Clear
4. Halo

We Deserve This - Tearing

We Deserve This is a one man project formed in the year 2010 by a German composer Jan-Dirk Platek.

This is his fifth release on Fluttery Records and it’s kind of strange how his sounds expand from one release to another. The EP contains 4 new songs which are played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jan-Dirk Platek in his hometown Velbert in Germany. We Deserve This is known for a prolific release schedule and it’s safe to say that “Tearing“ is Jan-Dirk Platek’s most ambitious work. Beautiful piano textures under layers of ambient soundscapes. He produced an outstanding mixture of ambient, modern classical, electronic music / downtempo and post-rock. The melancholic feeling is still here but this time, We Deserve This is going a step further in the experimental electronic scene in the like of Kiasmos, Grandbrothers or Hybrid.

The four songs are all composed on a piano which you can hear deep in the sound of every song. These songs are like a lonely walk in the mountains, always fresh and overwhelming. Jan-Dirk Platek shows us once more that he can create films and visuals in our heads only with his film score type of music. Now, get lost in the beautiful sounds of “Tearing“. If you’re into modern classical or ambient / electronic music, you should give this EP a try. Melancholic but not depressive, dark shadows under bright lights - a musical journey, enjoy!

Release Date: October 27, 2017
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*This is a digital only release

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