Khara – There Were Heroes Amongst Us


Track List

1. Currahee
2. Narwhal
3. Chelyuskin
4. The Christopher
5. Ode to Edwin J. Hill
6. To All of You, Soldiers

Khara – There Were Heroes Amongst Us

Khara are a post-rock / instrumental quartet hailing from Kumanovo. From the characteristic heavy-riff guitars, through the high pitched shredding melodies accompanied by a heart-pounding bass guitar and drums, the soft and quiet instrumentals building into a climax and the ethereal live performances, they try to evoke feelings and leave their listeners to create their own stories.

“There Were Heroes Amongst Us” is the debut album and a conceptual album, meaning that there is a theme wandering throughout it. The album tells the tales of the forgotten heroes, the people who achieved extraordinary things with nothing but their courage. People who should not have been forgotten, but they were.

This album breeds with different types of melodies, ranging through melancholic and sad, to joyful and happy. Six songs that are crafted to represent a specific person, object or event. The album was recorded in 2016, with all of the songs composed by the four members together. It will take the listener on an epic journey throughout history. It shows what life really means and how it can be affected in mere seconds, how people can go to extraordinary heights.

Release Date: December 01, 2017
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