Sairen – Ultima Lux


Track List

1. Cassiopée
2. La Traversée
3. Phoenix
4. Astéroïde
5. Résurgence
6. Five
7. Morpheus
8. The Box
9. GF-73
10. Nebula
11. Torisan
12. Candy
13. Ultime Lumière

Sairen - Ultima Lux

Hailing from France, Sairen is a music composer accustomed to great instrumental pieces. Introduced to musical listening and instrumental practice at a young age of fifteen, he discovered computer music which allowed him to take his first steps towards music creation. Since then, he has become very sensitive to baroque and romantic music as well as dark metal or post-rock, and he sometimes defines his music as a link between these seemingly opposite worlds.

Through a rich and harmonious sound language, Sairen delivers powerful contemplative music that evolves between post-rock, orchestral and electronic genres. With a style of writing occasionally borrowed from Classical genres and the use of amplified and electro instruments, Sairen offers a burning emotional sound universe, where each piece is an invitation to an uncertain and tumultuous journey.

The album is comprised of thirteen tracks. The first song is Cassiopée, a wonderful post-rock piece where the contemplative melancholy induced by the strings changes little by little, leaving room for a flood of guitars. It depicts a starry night, which at first seems calm and motionless, but eventually, anyone with a view in the cosmos sees the moving stars engaging in endless battle. Like this first song, the album is all in nuances, expressing evolving feelings. Instruments of all stripes unite in a sound whirlwind where sadness coasts euphoria, and serenity succeeds the storm.

Release Date:  December 08, 2017
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