Oh Hiroshima – Resistance Is Futile


Track List

1. This Is Not the End
2. Insignificant Numbers
3. The Fog of War
4. What Once Was
5. Catch-22
6. Richard D. Anderson
7. Waves
8. Capitalistic Cataclysm

Oh Hiroshima - Resistance Is Futile

The debut album of Swedish post-rockers, Oh Hiroshima is a pure example of DIY aesthetics. From initial ideas to complete musical product, everything was provided and created by the hands of the band members. Self-released digitally by the band itself in 2011, Fluttery Records is now finally making the CD-release of this marvelous album for the first time.

Oh Hiroshima is a guitar driven post-rock quartet originally from Kristinehamn, Sweden. Through a thoroughly heartfelt sonic output, that manages to mix powerful energetic crescendos with tender melodies and atmospheric vocals, the band marks itself as one to follow.

What started out as a project recording duo resulted in a couple of self-produced EPs and was later transformed into a full-fledged post-rock act which released the debut album ‘Resistance Is Futile’ in 2011. The band followed up with sophomore album ‘In Silence We Yearn’ in 2015; a record that saw the band pushing their artistic vision into a more unified frame while still maintaining an appealing diversity with each song. The shift mainly came out of the band being able to shape the songs together live in the rehearsal space, with all members contributing to the creative process.

Since the bands first recordings, fans have kept spreading the music internationally through forums, blogs and other internet sites, some of which generated listeners from all over the world. Over the years, Oh Hiroshima has certainly proven their capability of capturing the dynamic possibilities involved in the conception of a narrative sound, as well as the attention of listeners seeking an emotionally poignant musical experience.

While short in time span, Resistance Is Futile is certainly not lacking in potential for a deep sonic experience where the gamut of human emotions stretches wide. As a whole, the album runs in a constant flow while still showcasing a variety of approaches within the genre. We experience ambient sessions, catchy melodies sparkling with thick delay, as well as darker sludgy moments. Traveling between hope and despair, calm and storm, and all in between, this is not music for the faint of heart.

Release Date:  February 22, 2018
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