Nadav Cohen – Lacuna


Track List

1. Welcome Home
2. Ending the Storm
3. Soft Touch
4. Lacuna

Nadav Cohen – Lacuna

Definition of lacuna: a blank space, a missing part.

Nadav Cohen is an ambient music composer from Melbourne, Australia born in 1999. His music is built on a myriad of emotions and sounds. The music may find itself travelling across the territories of ambient, classical or electronic music.

Lacuna is Cohen’s first release with Fluttery Records and was written, recorded and produced by Nadav Cohen in his home studio during the Melbourne winter of 2017. This album is timeless and genre-less. While it may fall under the ‘ambient’ category, listeners will find themselves labelling this album a dozen of other genres. Cohen describes his desire to write music with one word: Emotion. Lacuna is Nadav Cohen’s attempt to represent emotion in sound form. Despite focusing primarily on melancholy, Cohen uses the track ‘Soft Touch’ to add a shimmer of light in the pool of fervour he has created.

The album begins with a soft orchestral track ‘Welcome Home’ aimed to evoke a sense of nostalgia in the listener with melancholic undertones. This is followed by ‘Ending the Storm’, a track which slowly builds on the layers of ambience and melodies, outlining the complex layers of everyday life.

The second half of the EP begins with a slightly more upbeat track, ‘Soft Touch’. This track is an outlier of the EP, momentarily shifting away from the melancholic overtone and introducing the range of Cohen’s skill. This is followed by ‘Lacuna’, a gentle piano and synth piece which builds to a dramatic climax, bringing back the melancholic tone of the first track.

This year Cohen completed his final year at school. This included facing 8 final exams, 6 of which were mathematics based. The seemingly excessive amounts of maths throughout the year, is represented through Lacuna with his sequential structures and repeating themes. Cohen describes his thought process as ‘logical and sequential’ which can be heard throughout Lacuna as the tracks are layered and built upon.

Release Date:  February 28, 2018
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