Monochromie – Stained Glass


Track List

1. Overture
2. Umbrellas
3. Radiance
4. Cirrus
5. Patterns
6. Sunrise
7. Hail
8. Comets
9. Ruins

Monochromie - Stained Glass

Wilson Trouvé, a French composer living in Belgium, has been composing and releasing a huge amount of music since 2012, the year of his debut album “Angels and Demons”. As a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, he has released at least six full-length albums and other EP on various independent labels. His albums can be generally categorised as crossroads of music genres like ambient, post-rock, experimental and modern-classical.

Originally written, composed and recorded in the late 2016, Stained glass is the fourth album from Monochromie to be released on Fluttery Records. As the 6th full-length album in the whole discography of the artist, this one somehow represents the culmination of his last 5-year research through various music genres and methods of composing and producing music.

Stained Glass talks about purity, serenity and sometimes storms as well. Life is made of changes, breaks, new starts, periods of noise or silence. Stained Glass tries to capture those moving moments, often ephemeral and beautiful, peaceful or even disturbing, colorful or dark, at night or during a sunny day. Those inspirational and emotional pictures of life always emerge from Monochromie’s music. Stained Glass is also about that light that comes across windows, suddenly enlightening our home and calling us outside for a walk. Monochromie’s music is made of light.

It took two years for Stained Glass to be finally completed with additional tracks. At the same period of time, Wilson Trouvé (Monochromie) has left the south of France to live in Brussels. Since then, he has renewed his music set-up and started a new project called “The Blooming White Orchestra”. This new music direction focuses on cinematic and neoclassical music. He is about to release his first album under the project TBWO.

In the meantime, Wilson Trouvé has been composing the seventh album under the moniker Monochromie, which will be released at the end of 2018 at the earliest. Moreover he has recently released an album of piano works called “Pigments” under his real name. If you still haven’t heard about Monochromie, let’s start today with Stained Glass which is a stunning collection of ambient and experimental tracks. Then you can explore all of Monochromie’s previous albums including his debut opus “Angels and Demons” released in 2012 on Fluttery Records.

Release Date:  March 30, 2018
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