Deer Park Ranger – Bottom of the Ocean


Track List

1. The Safe Darkness Of The Depth
2. Bottom Of The Ocean
3. Swings In Roundabouts
4. Wool Eyes, Sheep’s Clothes
5. Gallows
6. Repeater
7. Rift And Resolve
8. Part Of The Story
9. The Days You Used To Love
10. Escape

Deer Park Ranger - Bottom of the Ocean

Deer Park Ranger is the solo project of Trevor Humphrey. He formed the project in Oakland, California in mid 2016 and found his sound as he began pairing Rhodes Piano with delayed guitars, and electronics. Inspired by post-rock influences Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai, he layers simple and beautiful melodies that build into powerful crescendos.

While studying music in college, Trevor found his passion for music theory and composition. He formed Deer Park Ranger in mid 2016 after acquiring a Rhodes MK1 electric piano. He has been obsessed with the Rhodes sound for years, and loves its wide tonal range. As he became more intimately familiar with the dynamics of the instrument, he began adding on various effects to get the perfect sound that would pair beautifully with delay guitars and electronics. This new sound excites him and inspires him to build the delicate and powerful pieces of instrumental rock.

Bottom Of The Ocean is the first full length release from Trevor Humphrey’s post-rock/ambient solo project, Deer Park Ranger. After releasing 2 EPs in the last year, Humphrey has followed up with a 10 track LP of compelling and emotional songs. Bottom Of The Ocean is an extremely personal record that touches points of sorrow, pain, and fear while juxtaposing them with moments of hope, and elation. This blend highlights the dichotomy of emotions that are present during a major life change. The painful end of things you used to love, and the overwhelming excitement of your next chapter. This emotional tug and pull is present throughout the listening experience. Progressive movements are intertwined with soft piano melodies, and blended with synths and arpeggiators to create swelling soundscapes. Heavy, aggressive guitars tear through tracks like Gallows, while Part Of The Story and The Days You Used To Love are reflective and evoke feelings of nostalgia, and the title track cascades to a crescendo of hope and triumph.

Release Date:  April 4, 2018
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