Dan Caine – Journey Through an Open Mind


Track List

1. Journey Through an Open Mind
2. Arcus
3. Take Flight
4. The Space Between Thoughts

Dan Caine - Journey Through an Open Mind

Journey Through an Open Mind is the eighth release by prolific ambient / post-rock guitarist Dan Caine, and another exploration of his intuitive style of making music through progressive guitar melodies and expressive textures. This time, the journey goes even deeper.

The title track is a ten-minute sprawling and expansive electric guitar jam over a repeating acoustic guitar refrain and electronic beats, supplemented by layered ambient textures that create a brooding atmosphere that gradually builds. This track will take the listener on a captivating journey.

The second track, Arcus, is a progressive guitar improvisation with a delayed guitar melody, supported by effected e-bow and guitar textures that draws the listener in. A truly relaxing, yet energizing piece.

Track 3, Take Flight, incorporates bluesy guitar over a progressive melody that increases with intensity and suspense as the song develops, conjuring imagery of movement and rousing the listener to metaphorically do as the title says – take flight. The final track, The Space Between Thoughts, is the sound of being at peace. In the space between thoughts, all that remains is a blissful mind in a state of present moment awareness. This is a peaceful track that concludes the EP perfectly.

Release Date:  April 14, 2018
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