42DE – EP


Track List

1. Colours Are Relative
2. 4th Impact
3. Fall of the Moon
4. Call of the Giants
5. Creation of Something Abstract

42DE - EP

42DE began playing together in Palermo, Italy, in 2014, starting from a mutual idea developed by the founders: Manfredi Anzalone, Sandro Giambruno, Nicolò Borrometi, and Valerio Ballarò. The band immediately set out on their journey concentrating on creating their own original tracks, distancing altogether from each members’ past experiences, with the ultimate goal of merging their inclination for punk and hardcore with a post-rock sound and other instrumental genres. After one whole year spent composing, the band releases their first self-produced EP in August 2015. However, a few years after the release, the band formation underwent an unexpected change: Valerio leaves the band to be replaced by Massimiliano Bellavia.

With Massimiliano, the thought of producing the first album finally reaches a more concrete profile and the band signs for the first album with Fluttery Records. The thriving creative moment continues, and each track seems to be reaching out for new life: guitars played with wider reverbs, melancholic arpeggios, sharp and chaotic distortions interspersed with pensive and relaxing moments, each device posing an emphasis on every emotion evoked throughout the album.

42DE’s first EP tries to evoke a series of well-defined images and pass onto the audience as they listen. The title of each track provides all the necessary information in order to allow the mind to wander within the five different depicted scenarios. Although it could be defined as a prototype version of the upcoming album – which is going to display a better-defined version of the same story – the EP represents the first proper glance on what 42DE stands for. Energy, anger, melancholy, hope, desolation: they are all feelings being featured and juxtaposed during the course of the EP, in such a way to create a thought-out emotional journey.

Release Date:  July 14, 2018
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