Summer Effect – Reverie


Track List

1. Quiet Moments
2. Evoking Paradise
3. Reverie
4. Unfeel
5. Unrooted Love
6. First Light
7. Sultry Safari
8. The Wanderer

Summer Effect - Reverie

Summer Effect is a post-rock band from Indonesia which was formed in early 2012. Ibo (drums, keys) is the founder. At the end of 2011, he met Aroel (guitar, keys), and since then they have been playing as an instrumental band which blends shoegaze, ambient and post-rock.

Reverie is their fourth album. In this album, they produced an extraordinary mixture of cinematic music, post-rock and ambient, resulting in a very rich work. Summer Effect created a beautiful chaotic album with heavy guitar sounds, soft and delicate piano, pads and plentiful strings sections. They hope it is going to give a positive message to the listeners. All the positive words come from the instrumental music, they say. ”Listen carefully to hear these words. They are not there. There are no actual words. But feel the music and you will hear them”.

Nearly all the songs were composed on a piano and by using pad sounds. Then the musicians added beat drums, bass, and guitar as well as a few sound effects to enhance nuances on each track based on their titles. Summer Effect are inviting people who like shoegaze, ambient and post-rock - which produce certain vibrations of atmosphere - to listen Reverie. This is a cinematic guitar album with piano, strings and drums.

Release Date:  July 28, 2018
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