42DE – Fall Of The Moon


Track List

1. In Dharma
2. Solitude
3. Interlude
4. Call of the Giants
5. Creation of Something Abstract
6. Magnitude
7. Submerge This World, Holy Rain
8. Dawn of the First Day

42DE – Fall Of The Moon

After four long years spent composing, contemplating, reviewing and improving their work, Italy’s post-rock band, 42DE are coming out with their first full-length work: “Fall of the Moon”. The album represents a summary of all the experiences that have reunited them under the wings of music, friendship and emotions.

42DE began playing together in Palermo, Italy, in 2014, starting from a mutual idea developed by the founders: Manfredi Anzalone, Sandro Giambruno, Nicolò Borrometi, and Valerio Ballarò. The band immediately set out on their journey concentrating on creating their own original tracks, distancing altogether from each members’ past experiences, with the ultimate goal of merging their inclination for punk and hardcore with a post-rock sound and other instrumental genres. After one whole year spent composing, the band releases their first self-produced EP in August 2015. However, a few years after the release, the band formation underwent an unexpected change: Valerio leaves the band to be replaced by Massimiliano Bellavia. Their debut EP was re-issued by Fluttery Records. Now, they have their first full-length album.

What makes this post-rock record so unique is the fact that it was always meant to become a speechless concept-album, telling a story without the use of lyrics: listeners are driven by music to elaborate their personal defined storyline, helped with some hints left by the band itself (song titles, drawings etc.).

“Fall of the Moon” recounts a dreamlike scenario where earth defends itself from humanity’s occupation by calling the moon to descend to its surface and delete every sign of civilization by falling. The moon – according to 42DE’s imaginary – could be considered as the seed of a new life, the place where the clouds of a new Great Flood are waiting to be spread to wash everything away to start again with a new improved concept of existence itself. This album couldn’t be a reality without the intervention of more than 80 faithful fans that have participated to 42DE’s Musicraiser [Crowdfunding] campaign: it is going to represent a great new start for this Mediterranean post-rock band’s musical journey.

Release Date:  September 08, 2018
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