Khara – Heaven Can Wait


Track List

1. Heaven Can Wait
2. Suddenly Awake
3. Imagining Ghosts
4. Can You Fix A Broken Memory?
5. Through The Darkness, We Became Men

Khara - Heaven Can Wait

Khara are a post-rock / instrumental quartet hailing from Kumanovo, Macedonia featuring the likes of Emil Pachkovski, Milan Trajkovikj, Filip Stojkovski and Filip Mihajlovski. They started playing together in October 2014. The name of the band comes from Mongolian mythology. It tells the tale of the first shaman who could bring the dead back to life, his name was Kara. They have been inspired by the myths of Kara, as well as his life with all of its elements.

From the characteristic heavy-riff guitars, through the high pitched shredding melodies accompanied by a heart-pounding bass guitar and drums, the soft and quiet instrumentals building into a climax and the ethereal live performances, they try to evoke feelings and leave their listeners to create their own stories. Love, war, hope – that’s what affects these four young men to wander through the world with one goal, creating music for people to relate to. To have something to look forward in times of joy, and have something to lean on in times of sadness. Khara pour all of their emotions into what they do, trying to show life as it is, a cycle winding between sorrow and joy. They hope that every listener perceives their music differently because what someone feels as grief, another one feels as happiness.

‘’Heaven Can Wait’’ is the their second album. It is their most intimate work up to date, with every song representing a intricate part of their lives. The album honors the struggle, the pain, the kindness, the happiness. It is meant to show the different sides of life and how every single person is meaningful to this world in different ways. How every single one of us is a light that shines in many ways. They want you to know that you are all important and you have a place in this world, and that’s why, together we can say – Heaven Can Wait. Band members say: ‘’Become you. Feel with your own heart. Think with your own mind. Pain is a part of your life. Embrace it. Trust in your emotions. Become free.’’

Release Date:  October 18, 2018
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