Death Will Tremble to Take Us – Death Will Tremble to Take Us


Track List

1. Into the Forest
2. Beneath A New Sky
3. By the Winter Sea
4. And Shadows Broke
5. Find What You Love and Let it Kill You
6. Like A Ship Upon A Storm
7. Beasts Bounding Through Time
8. Through the Forest
9. Rise Like Lions
10. When They Say Grow Up, They Mean Stop Growing
11. Baden, Baden
12. Fall Like Lions

Death Will Tremble to Take Us - Death Will Tremble to Take Us

Death Will Tremble to Take Us sends the listener on a beautiful and unforgettable ride. Landscapes of unimaginable ambient textures to complex post-rock guitar-driven melodies.

The freshman release from Death Will Tremble To Take Us is an artist broadening his instrumental palette. With wild guitar noise, ambient textures, and lo-fi mutterings all expressed through passionate melodies, the self-titled album from Death Will Tremble To Take Us stands in one’s minds like a bear on his hind legs. Relenting and unforgiving with its delivery, Death Will Tremble To Take Us has something that one can barely define, it is like a long forgotten memory being triggered so vividly that one is almost taken off their feet.

From his early days recording with cheap guitars and 4 track cassette recorders, James Randolph Fouty has always been able to capture moments that seem to stand still in time. His obsession with music even lead to him taking a job as a custodian in the High School from where he graduated. Working late into the night, having access after hours to the grand piano and all of the instruments in the orchestra rooms. Armed with a Macbook and some microphones, he taught himself how to play piano and to make the most of the available spaces that only need be occupied by a person and a will. Death Will Tremble To Take Us; first release shows what a person with some will can accomplish. This is the first in what is hoped to be many releases from Death Will Tremble To Take Us.

Release Date:  January 29, 2019
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