We’ve Got Muscles – Phonotron


Track List

1. Le Massacre du Printemps
2. Cok Guezel
3. Electrolytic Capacitor
4. Chasing Rabbits in an Underground Crossing Being Photographed by Japanese Tourists 5. Chaiselongue
6. Acidophilus

We've Got Muscles


We've Got Muscles is a three-piece post-rock band from Cologne, Germany which was founded in fall 2016. Phonotron is the consequent continuation and development of what We've Got Muscles started with their first EP in 2017.

What We've Got Muscles came up with are six songs that feel like driving serpentines with 80 miles/hour with eyes closed. The new songs are constantly changing and challenging so that at the end of a song you have no idea of how it started. The recording sessions were inspired by old jazz recordings, where everything is happening in one room, all amps cranked up, and no corrections or overdubs afterwards.

We've Got Muscles is not looking for the perfect sounds but aiming to capture their live power and the energy of three people making infernal noise and enjoying this. If you listen to this record very loud, you`ll get a really good impression of how they sound live.

“Chaiselongue” is an experiment. We've Got Muscles invited the guys behind the YouTube channel Sofajams to record some noisy dreamscapes. Sofajams is a channel where musicians are invited to choose from a huge amount of pedals and other equipment and jam along with the unknown sounds the equipment produces. For the record they offered them a spot to link two songs, the only premise was the chords the whole thing had to start and end with.

Another important thing about this record is about mastering. It was done by Grammy winner Hans Dekline who also did mastering for bands like The Pixies, mewithoutyou or Touché Amoré.

Release Date:  April 05, 2019
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