Chris Heron – Sanctuary


Track List

1. Drops
2. Clockwork
3. Onward
4. Sanctuary
5. Outpost
6. Dreams
7. Mist
8. Far
9. Birchwood
10. Supernova

Chris Heron


Chris Heron is a modern classical / instrumental composer from Menifee, California who specializes in piano and orchestral music. What makes his music different is that it focuses heavily on the emotional aspect of a song. A song should provoke feelings, whether that be sadness, happiness, fear or joy.

Beginning at a very young age, his compositions continued to grow and mature as he did. He didn’t enjoy it that much while he was learning to play piano in his early years. “The strict nature of following rules and playing music I didn’t enjoy hindered my love for music.” says Chris. However, years after these lessons were over, his love for music returned through expressing his emotions and feelings through the ivory keys of a piano.

He would sit at the piano and simply improvise. To this day, it is still his favorite past time and a therapeutic system of relaxation for him. With each improvisation, came new melodies, and with those new melodies, came songs. As the amount of songs in his repertoire grew, he had the desire to show and perform these tracks for the public, and continues to reach out to the world through his music.

This is a beautiful instrumental album. Very true to its name, “Sanctuary” provides moments of relaxation, reflection, and a get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As each instrument and note join the chorus of instruments, the songs aim to paint a picture within your mind, allowing you to imagine yourself in a whole new setting.

Since his music focuses on conveying an emotion, each piece is heartfelt. With its ups and downs, twists and turns, Chris’ music does its best to pull on your heartstrings and lead you to a small window into the way he feels. His dream is to be able to continue to express these emotions and feelings, and communicate the best way to the world that he can, through his music. Currently, on top of composing for albums, he also works on soundtracks for both video games and films.

Release Date: April 12, 2019
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