Runar Blesvik – Sedate


Track List

1. Balance
2. Cluster
3. Orbit
4. Tempest
5. Arriving
6. Vale
7. Element
8. Emergence
9. Far
10. Past
11. Lights

Runar Blesvik


In his second album Sedate, Runar Blesvik continues to merge organic modern classical music with electronic and ambient soundscapes. With more emphasis on analog synthesizers than ever, you will experience a dynamic division between intimate, warm piano pieces and cosmic, dense tracks. This time he achieved something amazing: an album sparkles joy and beauty.

The album explores mature musical ideas and themes, where the music seeks out to enthuse and surprise the listener. It’s also an exploration of human vs. electronic elements and the feelings they provoke, juxtaposing the artificial with the natural, and blurring the line on the way.

Blesvik resides Oslo, Norway. He has composed for several short films and projects, thereof mainly orchestral music. Lately, he has widened his field to include intimate modern classical piano music mixed with electronic tones.

Cinematic and evocative music is Runar Blesvik’s forte. At an early age, he felt at home in front of the piano, and has since found his voice in composing. Inspired by the stunning nature of Western Norway where he grew up, his music echoes beautiful and dramatic landscapes, as well as different states of mind. Spectral piano chords and wistful melodies contrasted with rigorous electronic soundscapes will guide you through a deeply affecting and diverse experience.

Release Date:  April, 19 2019
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