Deer Park Ranger – Wolf


Track List

1. Rose Tinted Evil Red
2. Greet Your Ghost
3. Lost the Thread
4. Marionette
5. Patchwork People
6. Paws
7. Wax Wings
8. Branching Patterns
9. Slanted on the Earth
10. The World Will Never Find You

Deer Park Ranger


This is a breathtaking post-rock record by Deer Park Ranger, a the solo project of Trevor Humphrey from California.

Deer Park Ranger’s second full length release takes a direct and intense approach to convey its message. Loud, crashing drums, and frantically plucked rhythms lay the foundation for soaring guitar lines and synth leads. Humphrey pairs these heavy verses with swirling, vibrant, and beautiful movements that serve as the necessary context to accentuate their bold counterparts. Soft building patterns quickly turn to distorted waves that wash over the listener. Wolf is an exploration of the darkness within all of us.

This record thrives in dissonant, and tense moments, and strives to find comfort in its own sinister and gritty skin. There is an attitude and intensity that is present throughout the listening experience that encourages the listener to get comfortable with the unknown, and imperfect, and acknowledge their own darkness that may be suppressed. This honest, authentic approach helps us find peace in dark places.

Release Date:  June 12, 2019
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