Iván Muela

Iván Muela

Iván Muela is a young multi-instrumentalist, composer and engineer based in London. His music relies heavily on warm sounding pianos, strings and abstract surreal sounds, ultimately resulting in a sway of beautiful melodies and fascinating textures.

Perhaps influenced by being immersed in the lo-fi/punk scene, Iván brings this attitude to his music. Placing special emphasis in capturing the moment, his compositions are splattered with improvisation and chance. Iván is fascinated by the way technology can become an essential part of the compositional process, therefore pushing the rigid boundaries that for so long have characterised classical music. Far from becoming a pure music experiment Iván states that “every sound must have an intention, every song has to be meaningful. I wanted to avoid creating music that is sonically fascinating but emotionally shallow”.

Iván had an early introduction to music. Born in the cold and quiet Pamplona in North Spain, he remembers waking up every morning with the sounds of The Beatles or Neil Young blasting from his living room.

At the age of 6 Iván began to learn to play piano. Perhaps overwhelmed by the classical traditional teaching methods, he could not resist grabbing an electric guitar for the first time at the age of 13. It was through this instrument that Iván immersed himself in crafting his very personal style, blending his aggressive approach to playing with a distinctive sense of intimacy and an insatiable search for unconventional sonic textures. After spending three years touring around Spain with his progressive metal band, Iván moved to London to study Music Technology, thus finding the medium to explore his passion for music, physics and psychology.

Despite his young age, Iván sits quite comfortably within the recently recognised movement of modern classical music, allowing modern technology to become an essential part of the compositional process. In April ’15 Iván self-released “59:54”, an album of piano works written and recorded within one hour, made available online as a free download.

Today Iván works as an accomplished musician, alternating his solo work as a pianist, composer and sound designer with band activity, session work and engineering for various projects.