This Makes Us Human

This Makes Us Human

Human beings have always been in the need of expressing their deepest and purest emotions through music, by every mean. This Makes Us Human are driven by the same need. Their music expresses this feeling through thundering rhythmics, crisp and enchanting guitars, and powerful bass lines. They build modern symphonies that will take you somewhere far and embrace you in a warm and precious mood.

This Makes Us Human is a post-rock band from Rome, Italy. They recorded their first self titled studio album in the summer of 2015, made up of six songs, written between 2013 and 2015. After some member changes, they reached the actual formation only in 2015.

“A band that’s quiet and a storm. It only takes them one minute to open the doors of a world that seems to exist only during their performance, full of emotions that take you from deep inside and change your heartbeat.” (100dB)

In the end, what makes us human? This makes us human!