Mooncake is one of the leading bands of Russian instrumental music scene founded in Moscow in early 2006.

The main idea of the band’s music is to open the door to infinite space and cosmos in any everyday thing. Catchy melodies, atmosphere, the ideal balance between rapture and grief: all this has always been Mooncake's distinctive feature.

The debut album Lagrange Points gained popularity all over the world – more than one million plays on on five continents. As a result not only did the band tour all across its homeland Russia, but also gave lots of shows in Baltic countries, CIS, and had a big China tour in 2011.

Album Zaris was released on October 18th 2013. Professionals of the music industry have already highly rated the new work by Mooncake – “Amazing space rock from Moscow” – John Davis of Metropolis Mastering, London, UK (worked with U2, Prodigy, Lana del Rey).

Mooncake is sometimes compared to Pink Floyd or Mogwai but the band has made a name for itself having developed its own style and became quite popular among connoisseurs of genre both home and abroad.