Music For No Movies

Music For No Movies

Music For No Movies is a reverse project composed of “orphan” tracks and conceived as soundtracks in search of their cinematic motherhood. The different tracks aim at ecstatic, evocative and dilated atmospheres. More precisely they are cosy and rarefied melodies, distant and unsettling sounds, odd times and grotesque echoes. The core of all the arrangements is the search for intensity and a sense of suspension that resembles somehow the suspended feeling one has watching a movie.

These tracks are in search of stories, tales, emotional states and moving images.

Music For No Movies starts from the end, that is it writes music for images that don't exist and haven’t found a place yet. For these reasons they are soundtracks for “dead moments”.“Dead moments” that are rare in a movie. Different from life. There is a music for unusual and confused places such as train stations, buses, elevators, shopping centres, call centres, waiting rooms, all places where music – if not meant as “muzak” - has no place.

This project intends to create moments for thinking, accompanying the listeners through a concentration and intimacy state that transforms them in the main characters of their own solitude within the whole.