On Your Horizon

On Your Horizon

On Your Horizon are an experimental music band, formed in 2010 in Eskisehir, Turkey. The band consists of Rammy Roo (guitars, vocals, synth), Tugrul Gultepe (bass guitar, synth), Ender Akgun (drums and cymbals) and Yasemin Ozler (cello, synth).

OYH was founded by guitarist Rammy Roo. Shortly after releasing the debut album "Home", the band members got in touch to play the album live. In the beginning, On Your Horizon's music was containing typically post-rock elements. The cultural interactions triggered them to concentrate on improvisation in a natural way. By this affect a new album was born, called "In, Empty", which was released in 2012.

"In, Empty" is surrounded by its own cinematic ambience with heavy cello lines, dreamy guitars and characteristic rock drums & bass meass guitar lines.

On Your Horizon has played in almost all significant venues and festivals in Turkey, with many precious bands (Mogwai, This Will Destroy You, One Hour Before The Trip, Dario Elia, The XX, etc.)