08 Dec 2017

Post-rock storms from France: Sairen

We are glad to announce we have a new artist with his record on Fluttery Records. We are releasing music from France. Sairen comes with his label debut “Ultima Lux”.

Through a rich and harmonious sound language, Sairen delivers powerful contemplative music that evolves between post-rock, orchestral and electronic genres.

The album is comprised of thirteen tracks. The first song is Cassiopée, a wonderful post-rock piece where the contemplative melancholy induced by the strings changes little by little, leaving room for a flood of guitars. It depicts a starry night, which at first seems calm and motionless, but eventually, anyone with a view in the cosmos sees the moving stars engaging in endless battle. Like this first song, the album is all in nuances, expressing evolving feelings. Instruments of all stripes unite in a sound whirlwind where sadness coasts euphoria, and serenity succeeds the storm.

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