15 Mar 2015

Pre-orders start for Max Lilja’s Morphosis

Max Lilja pre-orderYes, the day is getting closer. Lilja’s Morphosis will be out on the 10th of April. Morphosis is an album where all the music is written on the cello. Max found inspirations in the melodies which wrote themselves on jamming sessions. Also, he used different approaches to the instrument by using different tunings, “A possibility that is sadly and very commonly ignored” says Max.

Lilja, known as one of the most versatile and adventurous cellist of all times, is a Finnish ​cellist​and ​composer​. Max Lilja is also co­founder of legendary ​Apocalyptica ​and touring member of ​Tarja Turunen ​(former ​Nightwish​).

Listen to the preview songs & pre-order