07 Apr 2018

OP3’s experiments on post-rock & modern classical music: Lumina




Lumina is the third official release of OP3 and as Dimitris Mitropapas states, “The most expressive and vivid elements of our music so far, in display!”, a EP where modern classical and post-rock flirts.

The 3-track EP capitalizes the theme of “darkness” and “light” as a metaphor for our lives. Everyone has their moments of light and on the contrary, we all do serve a great time in darkness, especially on those days when nothing seems to get off the ground. The album’s main task is to resonate with the listener in ways that make one feeling grateful to be alive and experience the ups and downs of the human nature. It’s the only way to feel alive after all. Regarding the sound elements of this release, the piano and the string quartet now has a more haunting vibe than ever as well as the electronics are sounding even more alive and being much more original both sonically and progressively.

“Lumina” is being used as a passage to make way for the next full album of OP3, titled “SmyrnAe”. In a way, it prepares the listener for what is to come in the new album since on “Lumina”, OP3 introduces new sounds and instruments resonating more with the folk and jazz elements that the new album will have in abundance.

Three tracks “Out of Darkness”, “Into the Light” and “Lumina” have been chosen to synthesize and exhibit the theme of this constant circle of our lives in an attempt to heal, motivate and breathe life into getting the best out of our human nature.

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