30 Mar 2018

Making ambient music on Stained Glass: Monochromie





Monochromie strikes back again. Wilson Trouvé, a French composer now living in Belgium, has been composing and releasing ambient music and modern classical compositions since 2012, the year of his debut album “Angels and Demons”. As a pianist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, he has released at least six full-length albums and other EP on various independent labels.

Stained Glass talks about purity, serenity and sometimes storms as well. Life is made of changes, breaks, new starts, periods of noise or silence. Stained Glass tries to capture those moving moments, often ephemeral and beautiful, peaceful or even disturbing, colorful or dark, at night or during a sunny day. Those inspirational and emotional pictures of life always emerge from Monochromie’s music. Stained Glass is also about that light that comes across windows, suddenly enlightening our home and calling us outside for a walk. Monochromie’s music is made of light.

It took two years for Stained Glass to be finally completed with additional tracks. At the same period of time, Wilson Trouvé (Monochromie) has left the south of France to live in Brussels. If you still haven’t heard about Monochromie, let’s start today with Stained Glass which is a stunning collection of ambient and experimental tracks. Then you can explore all of Monochromie’s previous albums including his debut opus “Angels and Demons” released in 2012 on Fluttery Records.

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20 Mar 2018

Pre-orders started for spring 2018 releases

Sleeping Horses, Monochromie, Deer Park Ranger, OP3, Dan Caine releases are coming pretty soon!

Spring has come and as everything comes back to life after long winter months, Fluttery Records is bringing 5 new releases and we would like to tell you something more about them in this short overview. Here are all the most important details and links.


Release Date: 23 March 2018


Hailing from the east coast, Sleeping Horses’ James Randolph Fouty currently records and resides in Portland, Oregon where he records his breathtaking post-rock / ambient tracks. Take every sunset you can never forget, every moonlit walk with the heart of a young lover, every time you knew you were in the middle of what would become the most memorable moments of your life, and you might come close to Water for Air. With its lush string arrangements and analogue ambient textures, Water for Air is a collection from a songwriter in his prime.


MONOCHROMIE – Stained Glass
Release Date: 30 March 2018


Wilson Trouvé, a French composer living in Belgium, has been composing and releasing a huge amount of music since 2012. Stained Glass talks about purity, serenity and sometimes storms as well. Life is made of changes, breaks, new starts, periods of noise or silence. Stained Glass tries to capture those moving moments, often ephemeral and beautiful, peaceful or even disturbing, colorful or dark, at night or during a sunny day. Those inspirational and emotional pictures of life always emerge from Monochromie’s music.


DEER PARK RANGER – Bottom of the Ocean
Release Date: 04 April 2018


Bottom Of The Ocean is the first full length release from Trevor Humphrey’s post-rock/ambient solo project, Deer Park Ranger. Bottom Of The Ocean is an extremely personal record that touches points of sorrow, pain, and fear while juxtaposing them with moments of hope, and elation. This blend highlights the dichotomy of emotions that are present during a major life change. The painful end of things you used to love, and the overwhelming excitement of your next chapter.


OP3 – Lumina
Release Date: 07 April 2018


OP3 is an ambient and atmospheric music journey, with elements from different genres of music such as modern classical composition, jazz, electro and folk rhythms. “Lumina” is the third official release of OP3 and as the project leader Dimitris Mitropapas states, “The most expressive and vivid elements of our music so far, in display!”. The 3-track EP capitalizes the theme of “darkness” and “light” as a metaphor for our lives. the piano and the string quartet now has a more haunting vibe than ever as well as the electronics are sounding even more alive.


DAN CAINE – Journey Through an Open Mind
Release Date: 14 April 2018


Journey Through an Open Mind is the eighth release by prolific ambient / post-rock guitarist Dan Caine from England, and another exploration of his intuitive style of making music through progressive guitar melodies and expressive textures. This time, the journey goes even deeper.

03 Mar 2018

Ghost Island re-issues Destroyer. Remastered!

We are very happy to release the debut album by Ghost Island, Destroyer. Initially planned as a small EP release by John, Destroyer blossomed into a full-length album once John and Roddy began collaborating. Written from a place of self-reflection, the album reflects John’s crumbling network and inner circle of friends, stemming from his previous band’s breakup; Destroyer takes a dark journey through nine tracks full of doubt, anger, fatigue, and loss. Recorded entirely in a small bedroom in Phoenix, Arizona, and mixed in-house, Destroyer represents the initial foundations of a band still discovering it’s identity while trying to survive as individuals.

Destroyer was first released in 2015. Album is now remastered and available on CD.

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28 Feb 2018

Nadav Cohen from Melbourne makes string arrangements float on ambient waves.

We are very happy to release music from Australia for the first time. We are going to Melbourne to listen a great talent. His name is Nadav Cohen.

Lacuna is Cohen’s first release with Fluttery Records and was written, recorded and produced by Nadav Cohen in his home studio in Melbourne. The music may find itself traveling across the territories of ambient, classical or electronic music. Cohen describes his desire to write music with one word: Emotion.

Lacuna is Nadav Cohen’s attempt to represent emotion in sound form. Despite focusing primarily on melancholy, Cohen uses the track ‘Soft Touch’ to add a shimmer of light in the pool of fervor he has created.Cohen describes his thought process as ‘logical and sequential’ which can be heard throughout Lacuna as the tracks are layered and built upon.

If you like listen a very good ambient album with modern classical touches, have a listen to Lacuna.

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30 Aug 2016

Artglider is a nice platform to promote music


We often receive emails from young people who want to start their own music label. Looking back, Fluttery Records is eight years old label and things have changed since we started. Our ideas and vision have inspired many labels which came after us. They modified themselves in many ways from how they sign new artists to how they communicate with their followers, friends and fans.

To start and run a music label became much easier. Running your own music label still takes your time and it might not be a good life choice if you are not financially and mentally prepared. But what I want to talk about is the positive side of it. If you have time to spare, some money to invest in good people and good music and if you are open to learn new things it might be a good choice.

How technology made it easier? First, it became easy to digitally distribute your releases. It has revolutionized the way people listen to music but still there was a big gap.

Artglider - Music Promotion

How are you going to get your word to your fans? How are you going to get your physical releases delivered to your fans worldwide? This is where Artglider takes over.


We recommend Artglider to anyone who has a label or is thinking to start one as well as people who makes music. And here is why.

– It is easy to create physical products with Artglider. You just log in and create your albums with ease. You upload your artworks and music and there you have your albums on CD.
– It is easy to ship your CDs with Artglider. We don’t go to post offices any more. We log in to Artglider and type the shipping address. They do all the shipping for us.
– It is easy to keep in touch with your fans with Artglider. You can easily import your contacts and emails and send newsletters to your fans. This way you can grow your fan base.
– You don’t have to pay a fortune for web hosting. Their web hosting services for musicians and labels are amazing and affordable at the same time. Also you get your domain names from them (like yoursite.com)
– You don’t have to pay a fortune for mastering. We haven’t used their mastering service for our label yet but we hear good things from the people who are using it.

These are the reasons we recommend Artglider.

Have a closer look at their website yourself: http://artglider.com