28 Feb 2018

Nadav Cohen from Melbourne makes string arrangements float on ambient waves.

We are very happy to release music from Australia for the first time. We are going to Melbourne to listen a great talent. His name is Nadav Cohen.

Lacuna is Cohen’s first release with Fluttery Records and was written, recorded and produced by Nadav Cohen in his home studio in Melbourne. The music may find itself traveling across the territories of ambient, classical or electronic music. Cohen describes his desire to write music with one word: Emotion.

Lacuna is Nadav Cohen’s attempt to represent emotion in sound form. Despite focusing primarily on melancholy, Cohen uses the track ‘Soft Touch’ to add a shimmer of light in the pool of fervor he has created.Cohen describes his thought process as ‘logical and sequential’ which can be heard throughout Lacuna as the tracks are layered and built upon.

If you like listen a very good ambient album with modern classical touches, have a listen to Lacuna.

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