We’ve Got Muscles

We've Got Muscles

We’ve Got Muscles is a three-piece post-rock band from Cologne, Germany which was founded in the fall of 2016. They entered the music scene with their debut EP, Hællstrœm in spring 2017. All songs were recorded live with all amps and drums in one room to capture rough and live sound stage. They are producing exciting instrumentals ever since.

Since the beginning, We’ve Got Muscles is constantly developing their own post-style which is forthright and not resting on endless repetitions or variations. Juggling with various styles and sounds they mix up noisy elements, atmospheric soundscapes, powerful riffing, blasting drum and bass, lovely melodies and never end up too cheesy. This unique sound is not easy to classify, you may call it hyperactive post-rock with alternative-prog and neo-kraut influences.

It definitely reflects modern times; living in an overcrowded city, being torn between your family, job, your own interests, all the needs the web invents and spending too much time in traffic jams.

We’ve Got Muscles is perfect for all those listeners who don`t have the time to wait until something happens within a song because it is the exact replica of smoothly modern stress. If you like bands such as At The Drive-In, Motorpsycho, Godspeed! You Black Emperor and I Watched You From Afar this band should also be on your playlist.