42DE’s wider reverbs, melancholic arpeggios, sharp distortions

We are very happy to announce the release of the first EP of 42DE. Hailing from Palermo, Italy, 42DE is a great post-rock band that is known to create wonderful post-rock pieces. The thriving creative moment continues, and each track ...
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A cracked mirror to the everyday soul: Cold, Cold Heart’s “Arch”

We are excited to introduce you return of the Cold, Cold Heart, post-rock and ambient band from London, UK. Robert, Chris and Gareth assembled in early 2014 out of friendship and a shared admiration for bands such as Stars of ...
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Hopefulness that didn’t exist before: “Assimilation” by Ghost Island

We are here again, happy to bring into your attention the latest release by Phoenix-based post-rock band Ghost Island. The founding member John Romero started releasing music for Ghost Island in 2013. Soon, the group began growing members to perform ...
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Subversive radicality of being: “Neige Nuit” by Sairen

The album we would like you to have a look at today is coming from a French composer accustomed to great alternative instrumental pieces, Sairen. Through a rich and harmonious sound language, Sairen delivers a powerful contemplative music that evolves ...
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