Deer Park Ranger release the “Wolf”

Here we are to release Deer Park Ranger’s second full length release ‘Wolf’ ! This is a breathtaking post-rock record by Deer Park Ranger, a the solo project of Trevor Humphrey from California. He takes a direct and intense approach to convey its message. Loud, crashing drums, and frantically plucked rhythms ...
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Runar Blesvik creates pure magic: Sedate

Runar Blesvik has achieved something big in his new album, Sedate. He is a very talented modern classical composer from Norway and what he has created in this album is pure magic. In his second album, Runar Blesvik continues to merge organic modern classical music with electronic and ambient soundscapes. With more emphasis ...
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Chris Heron’s Sanctuary in Californa

Spring is very beautiful in California and we are coming with an amazing album this April. Chris Heron is a modern classical / instrumental composer from Menifee, California who specializes in piano and orchestral music. What makes his music different is that it focuses heavily on the emotional aspect of ...
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We’ve Got Muscles’s energetic post-rock: Phonotron

We are going to Germany this week to introduce you a post-rock band with strong vibes. We’ve Got Muscles is a three-piece post-rock band from Cologne which was founded in fall 2016. Phonotron is the consequent continuation and development of what We’ve Got Muscles started with their first EP in 2017 ...
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