A cruise between two different worlds: “Blend” by Runar Blesvik

Runar Blesvik is a modern classical music composer, producer and pianist based in Oslo, Norway. He has composed for several short films and projects, thereof mainly orchestral music. Lately, he has widened his field to include intimate modern classical piano music mixed with electronic tones. Cinematic and evocative music is ...
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42DE release their debut album: Fall Of The Moon

We are very happy to announce that 42DE’s brand new debut album comes out today. After four long years spent composing, contemplating, reviewing and improving their work, Italy’s post-rock band, 42DE are coming out with their first full-length work: “Fall of the Moon”. The album represents a summary of all ...
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Gargle release “Wading in Shallow Waters”

We are here again with the new Gargle album, Wading in Shallow Waters. As you will remember their amazing debut album “Glow in the Gloom” was an amazing album as well as their recording with Bosques De Mi Mente, Absence. New album Wading in Shallow Waters is a collection of ...
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Summer Effect’s heavy guitar sounds, piano and strings sections: Reverie

We are really happy to announce a new album of Summer Effect.  Reverie is their fourth album. In this album, they produced an extraordinary mixture of cinematic music, post-rock and ambient, resulting in a very rich work. Summer Effect created a beautiful chaotic album with heavy guitar sounds, soft and ...
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