Death Will Tremble to Take Us

Our first release in 2019 is to come from Death Will Tremble to Take Us, a solo project of James Randolph Fouty from Portland, Oregon. He also records under the moniker “Sleeping Horses” in our label. In his new project, he sends the listener on a beautiful and unforgettable ride ...
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Post-metal from Bologna, Italy: Riah

We are very happy to announce a new band and their debut album. Riah is a post-rock band from Bologna, Italy which was formed in November 2015. Their inspiration comes from differents genres and they try to blend the heaviness of the post-metal and math-core with the atmosphere and the ...
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Sky Flying By’s search for beauty in music: (Re) Routed

We are here again with the new album of Sky Flying By, “(Re) Routed. Sky Flying Bird is a post-rock project by David Palmer, who is based in Boston, US. He, as Sky Flying By, builds worlds out of music. Making music is about making something new, about going on a ...
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Khara release “Heave Can Wait”

We are very happy to release the new album by Khara: Heaven Can Wait. Khara are a post-rock / instrumental quartet hailing from Kumanovo, Macedonia featuring the likes of Emil Pachkovski, Milan Trajkovikj, Filip Stojkovski and Filip Mihajlovski. They started playing together in October 2014. The name of the band ...
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