12 Sep 2017

Bosques De Mi Mente – Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda


Track List

1. Un comienzo
2. Es una nube, no hay duda
3. Aquel lugar al que solíamos ir
4. Sigo recordando cosas que todavía no han ocurrido

Bosques De Mi Mente - Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda

Bosques De Mi Mente's music has been used frequently in films and stage plays, receiving several awards for best soundtrack. His music has the ability to express melancholy and happiness at the same time, painting a landscape of emotions that is unique for every listener.

“Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda” represents an expansion of Bosques De Mi Mente’s sound. Exploring new textures, closer to post-rock and ambient, and with a more guitar-oriented, multi-layered sound, Bosques De Mi Mente offers a new dimension to his beautiful compositions.

Running at just 21 minutes, “Es Una Nube, No Hay Duda” is a short but immersing experience that leaves the listening earning for more. Its melodies are among the most beautiful ever composed by the artist.

Release Date:  September 22, 2016
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12 Sep 2017

Bosques De Mi Mente – Sobre el Olvido


Track List

1. Prólogo
2. Hombres Sin Rostro
3. Sobre el Olvido
4. Volverse Invisible
5. Dormido en un Tren Parte 1 - Elipsis
6. Dormido en un Tren Parte 2 - Vigilia
7. Dormido en un Tren Parte 3 - Sueño
8. Una Espera Interminable
9. Allí

Bosques De Mi Mente - Sobre El Olvido

Bosques De Mi Mente is the solo project of Nacho, a Spanish composer of contemporary classical, minimalist pieces. His nostalgic compositions, mainly based on piano and found sounds, bring back memories from our childhood and feelings of things we thought were lost.

“Sobre El Olvido” (About the oblivion) is the ninth album of Bosques De Mi Mente from Spain, and the OST for a theatre play called “Allí”, by Producciones Bernardas, to be premiered in Madrid the 4th of July, 2013. “Sobre El Olvido”, like “Toy Trains”, uses trains as a metaphoric framework from which the album concept develops but, unlike it, the theme is not the childhood and innocence from a melancholic point of view, but a more mature vision on solitude, oblivion and abandon on modern society. “Sobre El olvido” tries to raise an open question on how we see the world today, and how the world as influenced the way we see it.

Release Date:  September 22, 2016
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12 Sep 2017

Mathew Roth – The Vulture & The Sparrow


Track List

1. An Overture Of Ice
2. Patterns Of Decay
3. Looking Glass
4. Insistent On The Rain
5. Those Who Sank
6. Bones We Clung To
7. Endless Horizons
8. Awakened By Frost
9. Hollow Seeds
10. Emergence
11. The Vulture & The Sparrow
12. Notwithstanding

Mathew Roth - The Vulture & The Sparrow

Fluttery Records present Mathew Roth's breathtaking modern classical work. With the cadence and candour of a cinematic score, The Vulture & the Sparrow is a musical journey through the darkness and back out to the light. Interwoven amongst the tracks is a very haunting and percussive piano, transcendent violin, and a cello saturated in earthiness which come together to create an experience that is both ethereal and grounding. Carefully chosen and interspersed synthesizers add an additional element that is unique to this album.

“This album is similar to “Immersion” in that both are microcosmic interpretations of something, this album is just a different object of interpretation; the very well known, very human, and very despairing internal struggle of the dark against the light.”

The title of this album is very applicable to the feeling of the music. The instruments play off each other in a fashion similar to a duet, most notably in the title track. There is a constant theme of a dance between them, one proposing an idea and then another offering a new perspective.

“The Vulture is one person, and the sparrow is another, and yet of course they are both the same. They are always the same, and they create each other. The reason I chose the vulture as a theme is because I believe that these birds are misunderstood, as is much of what is dark, including aspects of ourselves.”

Release Date:  September 08, 2016
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09 Sep 2017

Mathew Roth – Immersion


Track List

1. Tea House
2. Seeds
3. Wanderer’s Descent
4. The Fall of Ash & Embers
5. Unsaid
6. Tiger Lilly
7. Rusted Wings Take Flight
8. Slow Loss
9. Body Of Leaves

Mathew Roth - Immersion

Mathew Roth’s debut album, Immersion, is an introspective journey into the more subtle rhythms of the Earth and the human experience. Written and recorded in “The Tea House”, as he fondly refers to the 10x10 hut where he resided in Virginia for the year that this album took to produce, Immersion incorporates many nuances and “imperfections” that add to the ambience of the experience, such as footsteps, sliding piano keys, a crackling fire, and bird calls. Mathew refers to the production of this album as “a way for me to bring what was hidden into the light.”

Immersion is Mathew’s first endeavour into the world of modern classical music, and his first serious pursuit of album production as well. For him, the experience of doing all the production work himself was “terribly important. If I had sent the music off to be recorded/mixed/mastered by a professional (which I was tempted to do many times), it would have come back to me in a different language, and the intimacy would have been lost.”

“Every song on this album is about a very profound and particular experience for me. My writing process involved taking a freeze frame of a memory or emotion, and taking a magnifying glass to that very specific moment, and expanding it into music.”

Release Date: December 05, 2015
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07 Sep 2017

Bosques De Mi Mente – … De Los Valles y Las Montañas


Track List

1. Resuenan Sus Ecos En Las Despiadadas Cumbres Nevadas
2. Cuando Habíamos Perdido Toda Esperanza
3. Cerramos Los Ojos e Ignoramos La Realidad Que Se Cernía Sobre Nosotros
4. … De Los Valles y Las Montañas
5. Aquello Que Creíamos Perdido
6. No Quedan Apenas Silencios
7. El Día Que Todo Se Detuvo
8.Quisiera Poder Ver El Mundo Con Tus Ojos
9. El Fin De Las Cosas, Parte 1
10. El Fin De Las Cosas, Parte 2

Bosques De Mi Mente - … De Los Valles y Las Montañas

Bosques de mi Mente is the solo project ofa Spanish composer of contemporary classical, minimalist pieces. His nostalgic compositions, mainly based on piano and found sounds, bring back memories from our childhood and feelings of things we thought were lost.

“… De Los Valles y Las Montañas” is a critical reflection on the duality of our existence on earth, of hate and love, of technology and wilderness, of civilization and brutality, of noise and silence. We live in world of skyscraper filled cities and vast, empty wilderness. There is a fragile balance there, so fragile it seems like on the edge of scattering into pieces. It’s sad and beautiful at the same time.

This duality is present in “… De Los Valles y Las Montañas”, gentle piano lines and violin melodies confront the screaming noise of street preachers and the background noises, almost trying to cast some light in the dar scenery. The music here does not try to make any judgments, it just tries to allow the listener a moment of peace to
think about it.

Release Date: March 19, 2016
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07 Sep 2017

Mathew Roth – Written & Unsent


Track List

1. An Outline of Rain
2. This Delicate Entanglement
3. Settle
4. Step
5. Steeped as if Silence were Water
6. Fly the Bird's Path

Mathew Roth - Written & Unsent

Written & Unsent is an exploration into the versatility of the piano; an attempt to play the instrument in a unique way. Roth’s heavy influence in rhythm and percussion is obvious in this album, as it will, at times, embody the emotion of a percussive instrument more so than a melodic one.

W&U was recorded on the same upright piano that was played in his first release, Immersion. You can still hear the same nuances that are so endearing from the first album, but there is a unique quality in this album, which is in part because of recording techniques, but mostly because of Roth’s playing style evolving over time. In W&U the playing swings between extremes of soft and delicate melodies into a bass-drum-thumping rhythm which you will find yourself bobbing your head to. “When I first discovered my love for the piano it was because I realized that I could play it like a drum. I had been playing drum set for 15 years but grew tired of it. One day I started playing ‘drum beats’ on a piano and a little light bulb went off in my head. The subtlety and melody that was lacking was now here.” Says Roth of his playing style.

This album is unique for Roth in a few ways. In “Immersion” he favors a heavy reliance upon violin and cello structure to tie the pieces together; the piano is often simple to leave room for the strings, yet W&U is filled with powerfully driven solo piano which encapsulates the entire spectrum of sound. It was only because of the desire to play live shows, and the difficulty in finding strings players, that drove Roth to write more piano driven pieces.

“And I certainly have to thank my brother, Michael. He told me, after seeing me play solo piano, that he actually preferred the solo piano songs… I don’t think I ever would have recorded this album without his encouragement.” Roth says that he is happy with how the album turned out, but he still sees it as more of an experiment. “The next album, which I’ve been enjoying obsessing over for the past few months, will definitely incorporate more strings and other instrumentation.”

Release Date: March 05, 2016
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07 Sep 2017

OP3 – Hope


Track List

1. Hope
2. Brightest Light
3. Home Is Where I Am
4. A Step Closer
5. Getaway
6. Absential Existence
7. Melanie's Theme
8. The Shift
9. Shelter
10. Where The End Begins

OP3 - Hope

OP3 is a neo-classical & ambient and atmospheric musical journey, borrowing elements from different genres of music such as jazz, electro and folk rhythms all coming together to provide the listener with a unique modern classical audio experience.

Hope by OP3 from Greece is a concept album with a unique story written by Dimitris Mitropapas. A short and symbolic title that seems to be the best choice in order to fully express what the main theme of the album is all about.

While it’s been written and composed mostly by one person, the addition of the live members / band during the making of the album, made the process blossom with new ideas and extra touches from every musician involved.

“Creating art this way is almost a magical experience.”, says Dimitris. “It definitely transformed the album from a solely personal expression into a unique piece of art, being shared and cherished by more people.

”The sound of the album is focused on the atmospheric, ambient elements provided by the minimalistic piano themes, haunting cello lines and heart ­touching violin melodies. Electronics and the use of a variety of home made sounds, gave the album an even more unique “feel” to it.


A girl named Melanie wakes up inside a strange room, in a futuristic city. She doesn’t seem to know the reason of her appearance there. Melanie tries to find a way to connect all the clues leading to this event as well as an escape out of there.

As a few last words regarding this release, we’d like to strongly advise the audience / reader to experience the album as a whole, so they can fully witness what it actually has to offer. Each and every single one should feel free to interpret the album and the outcome of the story, with their own unique way.

Release Date: February 14, 2016
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07 Sep 2017

Iván Muela – Unsound


Track List

1. Lemon
2. Sonder
3. Unlimned
4. Woodbox
5. Bitter
6. Carlo
7. Inwreathe
8. Traprock
9. Zeebrudge
10. Silience
11. Outro

Iván Muela - Unsound

The sonic world created by the young composer in “Unsound” is a swirl of emotions. The melodies and textures captured in its 11 tracks bring the listener into a different dimension in which feelings like desolation and hope walk hand by hand.

This time Iván’s exploratory spirit took him to traverse new musical territories, blending classical-sounding passages with modern electronic elements. Unsound, Ivan’s most ambitious work to date, features several upright and grand pianos, modular synthesizers, guitars, bass, upright bass and even a 9-piece string ensemble recorded in a church.

“I wanted to create some music that would integrate technology as part of the compositional process. I was driven by this desire to make some beautiful compositions that could also be sonically exciting and surprising for the listener. There was a certain romantic feel in the production process; by trying to explore uncommon instruments, tools or techniques, I wanted my music to breathe, to feel like it’s moving.

The music contained in Unsound is full of ironies and contradictions. Sounds that took weeks to achieve are ornamenting spontaneous piano improvisations; thorough studio production alternates with simple field recordings I made while walking home with a worn-out Walkman in my hand”.

While not being necessarily a conceptual album, Unsound is heavily inspired by the composer’s everyday life. Some tracks are little snippets of his thoughts, reflections of personal events and some sound passages are reflections of life in a big metropolis. “Trying to find beauty in a hectic city like London is sometimes tough. Hope, worries, calm, bliss, elation, feeling like exploding inside... There are a lot of emotions put into this music but what each person makes out of them… that is very personal”.

Release Date: January 09, 2016
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06 Sep 2017

Harnes Kretzer – Petrichor


Track List

1. Evolved
2. Ephemeral
3. Diaphanous
4. Petrichor
5. Ripple
6. Desultory
7. Damped
8. Evanescent
9. Bitterness
10. Onomatopoeia
11. Hidden Track

Harnes Kretzer - Petrichor

Harnes Kretzer from Germany is a young talented musician whose music travels around modern classical and ambient. Besides his piano based compositions you can hear the music boxes, field recordings, effect/pads and toy instruments.

‘Petrichor’ the greek word for -the scent raindrops arouse falling on dry ground- is a symbol for the diversity contained in Harnes Kretzer’s latest Album.

The variety of modulations he elicits from his antique piano is awesome. The origin of sounds is not reduced to the keys but expands to every single part of the instrument. The lid screeches, the pedals rattle, the felts breathe with the tide. Each acoustic element was squeezed through a magnitude of digital effects to reappear as a homogenic adventure to a never heard acoustic cosmos.

Smooth piano ballads, tiny lo-fi interludes, bewildering noise carpets await the attentive listener. In ‘Petrichor’ Harnes Kretzer combines a colorful mixture of ambient, neo-classical, noise and lo-fi musical styles. The acoustic jewels reveal their beauty by listening closely, laid back with closed eyes withdrawn from the world around.

’Petrichor’ was recorded and processed on various locations. This spatial diversity is the offspring of the emotional and acoustic intenseness attracting the listener throughout the album.

Harnes Kretzer managed to create a very good album by reducing the means to a minimum to get out the most.

Release Date: February 04, 2014
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05 Sep 2017

Gargle & Bosques De Mi Mente – Absence


Track List

1 - Bell
2 - Snow Storm
3 - (The Triumph Of The) Flight Of The Last Bird On Earth
4 - A Sudden Lapse Of Joy
5 - The Moment Our Glances Almost Met
6 - Echoes Of Our Memories
7 - Life And Death Of A Spoken Word
8 - We Are Running Out Of Time
9 - When Light And Motion Collide

Gargle & Bosques De Mi Mente - Absence

Bosques de mi Mente is a Spanish contemporary classical composer, that has been creating minimalist piano pieces over the years. Gargle is a duo from Japan that plays beautiful post-rock ambient with modern classical influences. Absence is their first collaboration from these two artists, a delightful and pleasant record.

It all started when the band contacted the composer, a correspondence that would result in a true friendship. Both shared stage in Madrid, Spain, in 2011.

Absence, the album, was conceived when Gargle asked Bosques de mi Mente to work on a song together for the forthcoming Gargle's album. The experience was so fulfilling for them that they decided to expand on it, and so Absence was born.

From the beginning, the goal was to create a completely collaborative album. The process started by sharing small ideas and song pieces, and soon everything started to gall into place, leading to the three of them working together as a true three-piece band in a gradual and natural way. The result is pure harmony, beauty and a wing for atmosphere, space and time.

Bosques De Mi Mente's pianos are like little paper ships floating over the water. String players from Tokyo College of Music, conducted by Jun gives the album a great symphonic dimension. Gargle's guitars and accordions gets the music over the stratosphere. Hope to see these modern classical pieces turn into modern classics.

Release Date:  November 1, 2013
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