03 Nov 2017

Dan Caine says “Solace” is place of rest for a weary soul

Dan Caine comes with his third release on Fluttery Records. He is an ambient / post-rock musician from Merseyside, England now living in Los Angeles, California.

With its wandering, melancholic melodies, Dan Caine’s “Solace” provides a soundscape to get lost in while searching for inspiration, or a place of rest for a weary soul. His most emotive album to date, Solace proves unafraid to plunge the deepest depths of despair, yet never fails to add a note of hope in each track for a brighter future, leaving listeners feeling both introspective and energised.

A perfect album to compliment solitary days, meditative moments, and cerebral activities.The fourth track, “Forsaken”, features guitar work from musicformessier, the music project of Csarnogurszky István from Hungary.

The album, recorded in early 2016 and comprised of ten beautifully crafted songs, takes the listener on a deep, personal journey, punctuated throughout by transcendental moments. Dan Caine’s unique, expressive guitar playing creates profound, lucid imagery that turns moments of loneliness and melancholy into an eternity of peace and serenity.

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27 Oct 2017

Electronic face of We Deserve This: Tearing

We are happy to announce a new EP by We Deserve This: Tearing.

This is his fifth release on Fluttery Records and it’s kind of strange how his sounds expand from one release to another. The EP contains 4 new songs which are played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jan-Dirk Platek in his hometown Velbert in Germany.

We Deserve This is known for a prolific release schedule and it’s safe to say that “Tearing“ is Jan-Dirk Platek’s most ambitious work. Beautiful piano textures under layers of ambient soundscapes. He produced an outstanding mixture of ambient, modern classical, electronic music / downtempo and post-rock. The melancholic feeling is still here but this time, We Deserve This is going a step further in the experimental electronic scene.

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06 Oct 2017

Fading Tapes – Circles


Track List

1. First Circle
2. Second Circle
3. Third Circle
4. Fourth Circle
5. Fifth Circle

Fading Tapes - Circles

Fading Tapes was formed in 2014 by Krzysztof Siwkowski (guitars and synths) and Marcin Lasek (drums and other effects) in Szczytno, Poland, mainly playing space-rock / post-rock and ambient music. Their main inspirations are independent cinema and life itself.

They started their musical journey in 2006 long before they became Fading Tapes. In the beginning they focused on genres like ambient and electronic. They pivoted their sound and started to play live instruments such as classic guitars and african drums, combined with synthesizers and extraordinary sounds and voices. They decided to change main instruments to only electric guitars, which creates today their specific spatial sounds and effects, and percussion which gives sharpness, psychedelic or gentle space rhythm. Since then they formed as a Fading Tapes.

Circles is their second album for Fluttery Records. It is an album heavily relies on artistic creativity and improvisation. “In the beginning there was one circle, the life cycle from which the five minor were made, of which the fifth was the crown, the dark end.” says the band members.

Almost everything was recorded on tape reels, so we got strong saturated, analog sounds. This album has more dynamic songs with sharp and heavy percussion and deep, organic guitar background.

Release Date: October 20, 2017
© Fluttery Records

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13 Sep 2017

Dan Caine & Musicformessier – Timelessness


Track List

1. Aeon
2. Millennium
3. Amaranthine
4. Perennial
5. Solstice Skies
6. Moments
7. Black Hole Orbit
8. Timelessness
9. Drifting in Hyperspace (feat. Cousin Silas)
10. Theories

Dan Caine & Musicformessier - Timelessness

Timelessness is collaboration between two inspired ambient guitarists: Dan Caine from England, and István Csarnogurszky from Hungary, under the alias "Musicformessier".

It is an album of peaceful, transcendental and atmospheric songs, where the profound, emotive guitar lines and textures of Dan Caine converge and harmonise with the poetic, cosmic tones of Musicformessier. The colliding and interweaving effected guitars, vast, ethereal soundscapes and haunting melodies make Timelessness a unique and interesting album.

From the opening track, “Aeon”, where the cosmic strings and spacious guitar lines introduce the tone of the album, the listener’s mind is carried to another dimension, and taken on a lucid journey through the infinity of space and time.

Dan Caine is ambient / post-rock musician from Merseyside, England. A pioneer in the movement, Caine uses powerful, layered guitar melodies to create an atmosphere of an intense range of thought and emotion as he explores the depths of the human psyche. His music is a free-flow of subconscious urge and instinct; a deep dive into the unhindered world of the Id. Much like a fine wine, these meditative works expose more and more of their depth with each listen, and like a mood ring, they morph and change to reflect the state of the listener perceiving them. Caine’s music is also richly melodic and is layered with vibrant textures, created primarily from his collection of guitars, producing brooding atmospheres and serene sonic landscapes.

Musicformessier is the ambient/post-rock musical project of Csarnogurszky István, a 38 years old, self taught guitarist from Hungary. He formed Musicformessier to present his enthusiasm and passion of easy listening, yet demanding guitar based music.

Release Date: June 15, 2017
© Fluttery Records

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13 Sep 2017

Fading Tapes – Music From Attic


Track List

1. Stars
2. Lighthouse
3. Surface
4. You May Finally Fall Asleep
5. Lamplighter

Fading Tapes - Music From Attic

This is the debut album of the Polish band Fading Tapes, which was formed by the guitarist (Krzysztof Siwkowski) and the drummer (Marcin Lasek), which connected the same journey of melancholic, sublime and subtle sounds, with some story that can be compared to Stars of the Lid or Surface of Eceon, but also slightly heavier, like Godspeed You! Black Emperor. They like to go beyond well-known sounds and experiments with them, stayed at the clearly melodic sound at the same time.

Album was made in attic, late summer. In silent, lonesome space that was ready to cooperate with the band that allowed to create this spatial atmosphere. They find there a new instrument, some kind of trumpet that was used as a thready, tearful voice. "Music From Attic" have long, dreaming guitar compositions decorated with the silenced or sharpened sounds of percussion. Every song is a story expressed instrumental lyricism. A story that was mostly improvised. It means that there was no any plan, no arrangement, only experiences of everyday life and sounds that moved artists to specific, imaginary places, when they could create the stories. As they themselves admit, each song has its own story that can be received in various ways every time.

Release Date: May 11, 2017
© Fluttery Records

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13 Sep 2017

Dan Caine – Transitions


Track List

1. Peripeteia
2. Transitions
3. Aka’Aka (feat. Hailey Rose)
4. Lifeforms
5. A New Chapter
6. Journeys
7. Wolf's Moon (feat. Hailey Rose)

Dan Caine - Transitions

The sixth solo album from the prolific ambient music / post-rock guitarist, Dan Caine, Transitions is an exploration of progressive melodies and beautiful chords layered over down tempo, yet energizing beats. The sense of mounting joy and positivity in this introspective piece is subtle, but impossible to ignore. The album is a journey through one man’s emotional evolution, from one phase of life to another, and each of the seven tracks is a uniquely expressed facet of that process.

The premiere track, Peripeteia, propels the album right out of the starting gate with a tidal wave of passionate guitar riffs and a marching, tribal beat. It is the anthem of a revolution, the acknowledgement of a need for change. In short, the journey has begun.

As the journey through the forests of human psyche continues with the title track, Transitions, we hear an unmistakable farewell to older thoughts and patterns as more familiar guitar styling from previous albums are incorporated into a new movement.

The first burst of unbridled joy is discovered in the piece, Aka’aka (or, “Laughter”) (Track Three). The blithe Hawaiian chorus (performed by featured artist Hailey Rose) gives a sense of bright sunlight and a relaxed, friendly sense of welcome into a new stage of life.

In track four, Lifeforms, an impassioned and distorted guitar riffs over delicate ethereal layers, almost as if to hear the isolated cries of a soul in search of answers to remaining questions. There is an un-ignorable sensuality and romance involved in this track as well; the painful aspects of discovering love and connection are masterfully represented.

A New Chapter (Track Five) is the pinnacle of blissful peace on this album. It emits joy with an energized beat and ethereal, tinkling guitar picking.

Journeys (Track Six) is the perfect follow up to the previous movement, a warmer and slightly calmer feeling, expressed with more lingering layers that wash over the listener accompanied by a simple, clean beat. Contentment and companionship represented by layers of calm, dulcet tones. A beautiful sunset to the perfect day that was A New Chapter. The final track, Wolf’s Moon, features the beautiful harmonized vocals of Hailey Rose, and gives a sense of the peaceful night. A perfect closing of an emotional journey to a stronger, wiser, and happier place.

Release Date:  10 March 2017
© Fluttery Records

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13 Sep 2017

Okada – Division Of Self


Track List

1. Gave Up
2. Colorless Pilgrimage
3. Personal Obliteration
4. Empty Wonderland

Okada - Division Of Self

“Division of Self" has a cinematic quality, the silver screen brought to life through music. You can barely make out a child’s whisper, a placid, slightly melancholic piano and a female vocal that repeatedly cries out: ‘Tell me that it’s over‘. The dark ambient music facade fades, and the listener approaches a lovely, inviting ambient interior, with rose-colored paint and dusty, forgotten statues, decaying together like former lovers tangled up in the dirty sheets of a dead romance.

The sedate strolling pace is just what’s needed. Okada creates a dreamy vibe that is intensely warm and understanding, full of theatrical flourishes and quieter moments for reflection and stillness. Ethereal in sound, and yet flirting with clipped n’ clunky beats, Division of Self has an ambient heart that treads over a weary soul. The music has recovered from its troubled opening. It’s almost as if it were saying “don’t give up just yet”.

Release Date:  December 17, 2016
© Fluttery Records

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13 Sep 2017

Vinc2 – By The Third Sea


Track List

1. Chanson De Soie
2. So Long
3. Fantasia
4. Waiting For My Number Come
5. Ballad In Em
6. Solitudes
7. Between C And Y
8. After Her Call
9. Experience
10. Loneliness Has No End
11. New Moon

Vinc2 - By The Third Sea

Living in The French Alps, French ambient artist has created music that aims to take you among the mountains of his soul. All pieces we all made between 2007 and 2008. What might have caused this significant delay of the album’s release?

“The album was born in special conditions. Certain events forced me to consider this album as if it was the last, so more than ever, I put my whole soul into it. Also the songs were not finalised over night. I was able to give my ideas better shape as I was gradually acquiring real professional equipment for my home studio. It is one thing to acquire equipment and another thing to use it. It took me some time to explore the possibilities of my new “plaything”.

"By The Third Sea" was originally to be minimalist but the instrument tracks have gradually accumulated. In the end, the album has a very dense production and looks like a sea of sounds, it feels like a slow boat rocked by the waves in the middle of a starry ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes unbridled. The near absence of rhythm was intended to strengthen the feeling of floating.

What is the “Third Sea” from the name of the album? Vinc2 does not want to bias his listeners with pictures that lead to its creation. He wants them to create their own opinion. However, the album cover gives a very accurate representation of the Universe he intended to create for those who want at least a small peek into his wonderful imagination.

If you are ready to get lost in a sea of feeling, you can weigh anchor and let the boat of your thoughts leave the firm ground.

This album is a piece of life. We hope those of you who immerge into it will feel very good.

Release Date:  November 17, 2016
© Fluttery Records

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12 Sep 2017

Diamond Gloss – Primavera


Track List

1. Royal
2. Movement
3. Primavera
4. Movement II
5. Harp
6. Movement III
7. Breakers

Diamond Gloss - Primavera

Portugal's ambient music genius is here again. Primavera is the third album by Diamond Gloss. The album differs from the previous releases. The sound is more organic, the piano is definitely the main instrument. Primavera is the logical step forward from 2014’s Nomawkish, details and string arrangements were carefully written and recorded. For the first time in a Diamond Gloss album, a second musician appears on this new release. A long time friend of Gonçalo Pereira, the violinist player Maria do Mar, accepted the invitation and helped Pereira on strings arrangements. The photography and artwork design has been made by his long time collaborator, Paulo Romão Brás.

Gonçalo Pereira (born 1984. Lisbon, Portugal) is a multi-instrument player, post-rock, ambient electronica musician and producer. Pereira first started as the frontman of the post-rock band “How Comes The Constellations Shine” before establishing himself as a solo artist under the moniker of Diamond Gloss.

Release Date: October 17, 2016
© Fluttery Records

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